The Go-Between

The Go-Between

Bildgestaltung: Felix Wiedemann

Leo, an elderly man, is travelling back to the place where he spent the summer of 1900 as the guest of a much wealthier school friend, Marcus Maudsley. On his journey he recalls the events surrounding his original visit, during which he had celebrated his thirteenth birthday and also become besotted with his friend’s older sister Marian, whose family strongly hoped that she would marry the local landowner, Viscount Trimingham.

During Leo’s stay, Marcus had become unwell and, with nothing else to do, Leo had been persuaded to carry secret messages between Marian and a local tenant farmer, Ted Burgess. Initially unaware of the implication of their messages, Leo started to realise their significance shortly before becoming caught up in a sequence of events that he could not control, and barely comprehended at the time. As an older man, everything that happened that summer – the memories of which he has suppressed ever since – become clearer. At the end of his journey, the older Leo sees both Marian and her estranged grandson; Marian persuades him to act as a go-between one last time.

GB ‧ 2015 ‧ Drama ‧Laufzeit 89 Min.

Drehbuch: Adrian Hodges nach dem Roman von L. Hartley
Regie: Pete Travis
Bildgestaltung: Felix Wiedemann
Produktion: BBC
Sender: BBC




BSC Award 2016 ‧ Best Cinematography in a TV Drama •
BAFTA 2016 ‧ Best Single Drama